About Shalini

I help nonprofit leaders make a deeper impact by leading from a place of clarity, energy, and joy rather than overwork, overwhelm, and stress.

I Believe ...

When we’re grounded, we’re able to observe our thoughts, listen to our heart yearnings, and take action to achieve our goals. 

I’m a leadership and certified high performance coach hence my coaching draws upon pillars of high performance, my own self-discovery journey, and my experience in the nonprofit sector doing mission driven work. Within this space, I learned the importance of staying true to my word and acting with integrity. I want to leverage my extensive experience in holding space for others to spark personal discovery and growth. I believe that if we show up fully aligned with our values, then together we can strengthen our families, organizations and communities and create the just world we envision.

Our presence has the power to affect those around us so how we show up matters.

My Journey

My passion for social justice work was sparked after a fateful internship in 2000. I worked in the nonprofit space in multiple roles - conducted community outreach within immigrant communities, served as an advocate for survivors of violence, written government grants, and twice served as an executive director. 

I understand that working in advocacy and social justice is stressful work that is often depleting physically, spiritually, and emotionally even as it is meaningful and fulfilling. 

As leaders in the nonprofit space, we’re tasked with creating solutions to societal ills. But if we’re in a state of stress, then it’s harder to tap into our creativity because we’re just trying to keep the lights on or get the next fundraising campaign out.

Years ago, I wanted more balance in life and not let my work define my life. My self-discovery work helped me get clear on what gives me joy in the entirety of my life.  

By engaging in this personal discovery, I had healthier boundaries. I spoke up and took actions that were aligned with my values. My health improved and had more energy as I prioritized myself. I started having fun again. I felt grateful that I could do meaningful work, meet amazing people, and be creative.

My Commitment …

After being in leadership roles at Tapestri and Sakhi for South Asian Women, I leverage my extensive experience in creating spaces of support, healing, and joy - crucial for both staff and stakeholders.

It's time for a shift - to recognize and reclaim that our best work happens when we are fully resourced. We need to create ways to support that for ourselves and our organizations.

My commitment is to add simplicity to your life by integrating tools and practices that’ll help you feel more clarity, energy, and joy. 

These tools look different for all of us so allow me to be of service to you in your journey of self-discovery.