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I BELIEVE ... that inner peace radiates outward.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!

I Believe ...

When we’re grounded in our own power, we’re able to observe our thoughts, listen to our heart yearnings, and take action to achieve our goals. My coaching draws upon my own journey in self-discovery and my years in the nonprofit sector doing mission driven work. I sought practices that would cultivate my inner wisdom and allow me the power to know that I take actions on a daily basis rooted in my values. I choose my actions, not react to external stressors.

I learned the importance of staying true to my word and acting with integrity. I want to leverage my extensive experience in holding space for others to spark personal discovery and growth. As I truly believe that if we show up fully aligned with our values, then we together can strengthen our families, organizations and communities and create the just world we envision.

Our presence has the power to affect those around us so how we show up matters.

My Journey ...

I’m a child of immigrants from India. In the late 1960s, my parents moved to Nashville where I was born. My family continues to be a source of joy and support as we are now three generations in this country. I was raised in a small close-knit Indian community which instilled in me a community pride, which helped me navigate a city where we were the ‘other.’ My grandfather was the first person to inspire me to do good without expecting anything in return.

I first started interning at Raksha, a nonprofit dedicated to building a stronger South Asian community. I continued to work in the field of gender-based violence within the immigrant community at Tapestri as an advocate and co-executive director, and then Sakhi for South Asian Women as deputy director and executive director.

Years ago, I wanted more balance in life and not let my work define my life. My self-discovery work helped me get clear on what gives me joy in the entirety of my life.

My Journey
My Commitment

My Commitment ...

It's time for a shift - to recognize and reclaim that our best work happens when we are fully resourced. We need to create ways to support that for ourselves and our organizations.

By engaging in my own personal discovery, I had healthier boundaries. I spoke up and took actions that were aligned with my values. My health improved and had more energy as I prioritized myself. I started having fun again. I felt grateful that I could do meaningful work, meet amazing people, and be creative.

My commitment to you is to add simplicity to your life by integrating tools and practices that will help you feel more clarity, energy, and joy.

These tools look different for all of us so allow me be of service to you in your journey of self-discovery.

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