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"Getting Clarity" Assessment Questionnaire

What to expect in your "Getting Clarity" Assessment

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I believe ... it’s time for a radical shift in the nonprofit world — to recognize and reclaim that our best work happens when we’re fully rooted, resourced, and resilient.

On this 60 minute assessment ... we’ll take a look at where you’re at in your life, where you want to be, what might be standing in the way, and how I might be able to support you in getting there.

My promise to you ... is that you'll walk away feeling reconnected to the work and feeling clarity, energy, and joy. It is possible.


Learn how to make a deeper impact by leading your nonprofit from a place of clarity, energy and joy rather than overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed out.


The nonprofit sector attracts people who want to make a difference, but it's essential that you learn how to contribute from a place of balance. You must put yourself first to be truly effective.


When we feel under-valued, it causes us to feel restful and isolates us from the very communities we love so much. Discover how to find your way back to your true community.

Hi, I'm Shalini, and I’ve been working in the nonprofit space for over 20 years. 

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I am passionate about helping people find their voice and strength in speaking up. I leverage my extensive experience in holding space for others to spark personal discovery and growth.

I truly believe that if we show up fully aligned with our values, then we together can strengthen our families, organizations and communities and create a just world we envision. 

I am a leadership and high-performance coach with over 20 years of experience in social justice work, specifically around gender justice and immigrant rights. I have been an advocate, trainer, organizer, fundraiser, deputy director, and executive director. 

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Shalini has a gift for delivering information that is relatable and doable. I could just as easily laugh with her as voice my frustrations with the process, and she would always give incredibly honest advice. Shalini’s guidance has made me happier with the decisions I make in my life.

Bellmawr, NJ

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With Shalini's gentle guidance, there is no place for self-doubt, only room for growth and exploration. Shalini has a way of encouraging others to be grounded, through her gentle manner and mindful approach to interactions.

New York