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Want to experience more joy and calm in the midst of today’s polarizing times? Simply start with the breath.

“I always short change myself before anyone else in my family, work, or life. I’m pulled in many different directions. Why can I not put myself first?”

Does this sound familiar?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the woes of the world? Do you instead want to feel more joy and connection while doing your important work?

The only difference between those who wake up feeling at peace, joyful, and excited and ready to tackle the world and those feeling overwhelmed, powerless, and stressed out are those who are excited prioritize themselves and engage in consistent self-care through simple daily practices.

Coaching - Helping Hand


My coaching is designed specifically for high achieving empathetic leaders who know if they keep their current pace, then they’ll lose their drive to do good.

By working together, you will have support and guidance. This program is right for those ready to make a change and to be curious. You’re open to seeing things from a different perspective. I believe in simple elegant tools to navigate the inner change work.

By the time our work together is done, you’ll have integrated simple practices into your life that will allow you the power to be in choice and to feel more at peace and joyful. This plan will carry you through the rest of your life.

I believe that we all have the capacity to make a positive impact on the world - it starts with us.


From our first talk, I was struggling with “finding perspective” functioning with an important work relationship. Shalini immediately identified tools and resources to make a shift that resulted in very natural benefits for my relationship with my boss. I’m still quite amazed as I follow her suggested techniques, that the results have shifted me away from anxiety into effective action. During sessions with Shalini, I would say: here’s what she values and here’s what I value. Shalini would provide insight that balanced both sets of values and that gave me my voice back, making me feel more powerful and valued. These days I find myself happier with the interactions in my work life. Shalini has a gift for delivering information that is relatable and doable. I could just as easily laugh with her as voice my frustrations with the process, and she would always give incredibly honest advice. Shalini’s guidance has made me happier with the decisions I make in my life.  

Suzanne D
Program Manager

Shalini was an exceptionally supportive leader at Sakhi for South Asian Women. As a young activist working in women's advocacy, I learned so much from Shalini and consider her to be one of the most important mentors I've ever had. Shalini has such a uniquely calm and grounding presence, and brings supreme thoughtfulness to the way she supports and guides others. Her passion for social justice and collective liberation, and commitment to creating communities of care is evident in all that she does. Shalini encouraged me to think more deeply about my work and my own goals as an activist, consistency offered insightful feedback that supported my growth, and was always so encouraging. Working in advocacy and social justice is hard work that is often depleting spiritually and emotionally even as it is fulfilling. Shalini's nurturance was such an important part of me assessing the ways I engage in my work and care for myself as an activist. She will make an incredible coach for social justice leaders as they deal with the many challenges that come with the territory. Anyone who has the privilege and joy of working with Shalini is immensely lucky.

Senti Sojwal
Planned Parenthood of New York City

I had the privilege of working with Shalini during my four years at Sakhi for South Asian Women. When you work at an agency serving survivors of violence, you often are asked if it's a difficult place to come to work. My answer was always that it was the most healing workplace I have ever encountered - and this is largely due to the healthy, supportive environment which Shalini created and maintained.

Shalini is the very definition of self-care and balance. Her calm, steady hand guided me through numerous personal and professional challenges, and she continues to be a positive influence in my life as an individual, as a manager, and as a human being. Anyone would be lucky to have Shalini as a professional support. She is truly a unique soul with a driving passion for helping others define their own successes, and pursue their self-defined ambitions.

Sohini Das
A Better Balance

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