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Are you a leader wanting to lead a team that is collectively on the same page for the agency’s vision? Are you wanting to create an open and collaborative environment? Do you want to foster an organizational culture that fosters self-care and resilience in order to increase staff retention?

I have over 18 years of experience working within the nonprofit sector and understand the multiple demands on staff and leadership. I’ve played multiple roles, from an intern, to a woman’s advocate, to a board member, to an executive director.

Sometimes, it feels like there is not enough time in the day and that the to-do list just keeps getting longer. Allow me to be of service as I want to help organizations be more responsive to the needs of its constituents while sourcing its most important resource - its staff.

Reach out to me to work on a customized plan that will help employees and leadership feel more grounded and buy-in to the organization and its work.

My offerings include:

  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Team Building
  • Facilitation
  • Organizational Structure & Design
  • Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Operational and Technology Efficiency
  • Multi-Stakeholder Engagement
Team Building

Shalini is an effective facilitator and strong communicator. I worked with Shalini when we brought her on as a facilitator at Rescuing Leftover Cuisine’s board retreat. She was easy to collaborate with and was able to craft an agenda that was responsive to the organization’s future growth needs. Her extensive knowledge of the nonprofit sector is quite evident as she was able to pivot comfortably from discussions of fundraising to board governance to organizational development. It was a great choice to sign her on as our facilitator!

Robert Lee
Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

I serve as the Board Chair at BVS Women’s Choir and had the pleasure of working with Shalini when I brought her on as a facilitator at our recent board retreat. She was easy to work with and able to hold space for a robust conversation about our choir’s needs and growth opportunities. We hope to use her services again in the future! 

Nancy Hernandez
BVS Women’s Choir

I had the distinct honor of working for Shalini during my time as Youth Empowerment Advocate at Sakhi for South Asian Women. Shalini was the kind of boss that makes coming to work day in and day out not only bearable but enjoyable. I always looked forward to seeing her in the office, and greatly appreciated her open door policy. Her emphasis on self-care and time for oneself was something that made the work we were doing less stressful, and I am sure it kept those of us on the team in direct service from burning out. Shalini is the kind of leader who makes it clear she believes in you, and so she makes you believe in yourself. With her gentle guidance, there is no place for self-doubt, only room for growth and exploration. Shalini has a way of encouraging others to be grounded, through her gentle manner and mindful approach to interactions.

Yumnah Syed
Adelphi University

I have known Shalini since 2004, when I worked at the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Shalini worked at Tapestri, Inc. The two organizations worked collaboratively on issues related to domestic violence in Georgia, and Shalini and I had the opportunity to work closely together on several projects. 

I have always been impressed with the depth and breadth of Shalini’s knowledge, which complements her deeply rooted sense of compassion and empathy that drives her work in social justice. Most of all, I have admired Shalini’s style of leadership and interpersonal interaction. Even in difficult meetings in which opinions were deeply divided and strongly held, I have seen Shalini find consensus and navigate the group toward successful resolution. Her approach is always calm and respectful towards others, which results in her employees as well as her peers holding her in high esteem. In short, Shalini is the consummate professional: a smart, steady, skillful leader who leads successful projects by garnering the respect and engagement of those around her.

Kirsten Rambo
Stand Strong (San Luis Obispo County, CA)

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