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3 Steps to Leading with JoyPeace, and Calm

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I believe … it’s time for a radical shift in the nonprofit world - to recognize and reclaim that our best work happens when we’re fully rooted, resourced, & resilient.

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The critical keys required to reignite your passion for your difference-making work in the world.

The overlooked ingredient that nonprofit leaders neglect while trying to change the world.

The essential practice required to reclaim your time and achieve more balance in your life.

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Presenter Shalini Somayaji

Our presence has the power to affect those around us so how we show up matters.

It's time for a shift in the nonprofit world – to recognize and reclaim that our best work happens when we are fully resourced, rested, and resilient. We need to create ways to support that for ourselves and our organizations.

If we show up fully aligned with our values and are able to voice our needs, then we together can strengthen our families, organizations, and communities and create the just world we envision.

My mission is to help leaders like you make an even bigger impact from a space of creativity, openness, resourcefulness, and excitement.

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Shalini is easy to work with and able to hold space.

I serve as the Board Chair at BVS Women’s Choir and had the pleasure of working with Shalini when I brought her on as a facilitator at our recent board retreat. She was easy to work with and able to hold space for a robust conversation about our choir’s needs and growth opportunities. We hope to use her services again in the future!

—Nancy Hernandez

I highly recommend Shalini as a coach. She is a JOY to work with.

She is an exceptional listener and can reflect back to you in ways that trigger insight. She is grounded and has keen intuition. She also brings her years of coaching insight into the present moment with you. 

—Kendra Anderson

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